In this project students will apply the principles of global innovation and creativity to propose creative solutions to solve real-world problems. Students are required to make prototypes and do a project showcase at the end of the course.

1. Project Topic

Students will be assigned a term-long project to identify real world problems and come up with creative solutions. Students are encouraged to leverage their background in various majors and develop ideas relevant to the areas they will work in after graduation.

Students are required to collect cases of recent innovations by reviewing selective news sources and publications such as the MIT Technology Review, Lexington Business Journal, Forbes, Wired, and other outlets.

During the course of the project, students are encouraged to make prototypes and pitch their projects to representatives from the business incubator.

2. Project Tasks

The project tasks include Group Element and Individual Element.

(1) Group Element (to be completed as teams)

  • Problem Identification & Problem Statement
  • Research for Existing Solutions
  • Solution Proposal
  • Prototyping

(2) Individual Element (to be completed as individuals)

Each member within a team will complete a Personal Project Report, due at the end of the semester

  • Individual Evaluation/Comments on the Entire Group Project
  • Personal Contributions to the Project
  • Learning from the Project

3. Project Requirements

Project teams are formed with team names and team logos, and students must first “sell” their ideas to their team members and to arrive at solutions, and then “sell” the solutions to their international mentors in the global community, during which students will be asked questions in defense of their proposals.

Each team must complete the project with the following requirements:

  • Follow all steps of the creative problem solving process
  • Solve the problem from a broadly interdisciplinary perspective and from global perspective