Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence IPC-AI

If you want to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI), or, you want to continue to grow in your current AI job in order to keep a competitive edge, you are in the right place! The International Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence (IPC-AI) can help you stand out, stay current and make an impression that lasts.

The program is designed to learn critical skills for success in AI. Most contents have been incorporated with the latest algorithms and techniques from the AI community.This makes it possible for you to learn the most updated knowledge which is very important given the fast development of the AI research. Certificates are demonstrations of your skills and professional commitment to AI.

The program consists of five levels. The first 6 levels are for you to learn the fundamentals of AI, and the level 6 is for you to learn a specialized area in AI.

You will be taught by AI professionals working in Silicon Valley of the United Sates. After you complete a level, you will receive a certificate signed by Dr. Thomas Gold, Professor of the University of California Berkeley and Chairman of American Alliance for International Education (AAFIE). The detailed information for each of the levels is provided below.

Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

Artificial Intelligence Career Paths