Photonics Open Source References:

IPKISS project

IPKISS is an open source software platform for parametric design of photonic integrated components and circuits.

The software platform is made available by means of a free GPLv2-licensed code base, a custom developer license and a custom commercial license.

IPKiss enables a designer to define photonic components, directly simulate them in electromagnetic solvers and integrate them in a circuit on a photomask for fabrication. IPKiss can be integrated with popular third-party simulators.

IPKiss is a generic and flexible framework which can be customized for use in other domains related to microfluidics, plasmonics, MEMS, etc.

Based on scripting in Python the software allows the user to specify in an analytical manner how a component is represented in terms of parameters. Internally, the component knows how to generate its layout, as well as its input/output connections with other components and its internal circuit representations.

Design kits for imec's silicon photonics technologies are made available through ePIXfab, a European foundry service for Silicon Photonics prototyping and through imec directly for customized photonic IC development.