AP Computer Science AAP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science A is a college-level introductory course in computer programming with Java. This course is designed to serve as the equivalent of a one-­‐semester, entry-­‐level college course in computer science for students majoring in computer science, engineering, math, the sciences or business. The course emphasizes object-oriented programming methodology with a concentration on problem-solving, through the design and implementation of appropriate algorithms and data structures. In the course, students learn to code fluently in Java, and will use standard Java library classes from the AP Java subset. Students learn to read and understand large programs consisting of several classes and interacting objects, as well as learn about the design and development process leading to such a program. Students also learn to recognize and consider social and ethical implications of computer use.

Students are expected to have strong computer and problem-­‐solving skills as they will create and debug original object-­‐oriented programs, using Java, to solve problems by using adaptable and reusable algorithmic modules and data structures. Students successfully completing this course are prepared to take the AP Computer Science A Exam.