AP Biology2AP Biology

AP Biology is a rigorous and demanding course, which is the equivalent of an introductory college biology course. Content will be covered in more depth and greater expectations will be placed on interpretation and analysis of information than previous biology courses. In addition, statistical analysis of data and modeling of concepts will be expected. A significant amount of studying must be completed at home to allow time for discussion, labs, and inquiry during class time.

Prerequisites: : AP Biology students must have an understanding of the basics of both Biology and Chemistry to be successful. Students enrolling in this course should have a strong knowledge of both biology and chemistry. The course stresses the biochemistry of the processes of living organisms and the unity underlying these processes. The relationship of organisms with their environment, the evolution of structures and functions, ecological succession and the patterns of growth are all covered in depth.

The new AP Biology curriculum encompasses 4 ‘big ideas’, with Essential Knowledge and Process Skills that support each one.

  • Big Idea 1: Evolution – the process of evolution drives the diversity and unity of life
  • Big Idea 2: Cellular Processes (Energy and Communication) – Biological systems utilize free energy and molecular building blocks to grow.
  • Big Idea 3: Genetics and Information Transfer – living systems store, retrieve, transmit, and respond to information essential to life processes
  • Big Idea 4: Interactions – Biological systems interact and these systems and their interactions possess complex properties.