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The instructor-led summer live online program is designed to help people with engineering or related backgrounds become AI professionals in a short period of time possible. If you are interested, you can enroll now and only pay tuition if you are satisfied after attending the first class meeting. The program consists of the following three modules:


Fundamental Module

7ML Training


Track A Module

7CV Training


Track B Module

7RL Training


The Route to Become an AI Professional !

Artificial intelligence is the hot technology in the world and getting hotter every day, but there are not enough talents in AI to meet the ever-increasing demand. If you are interested in switching to a much higher paid and rewarding career, becoming an AI professional is a good choice!

Designed by the AAFIE Artificial Intelligence Labs at the American Alliance for International Education (AAFIE), the program provides you with the fastest way to learn the critical knowledge and skills to embark on a successful career in AI. The program presents the most cutting-edge developments in this exciting field, synchronizing with up-to-the-date AI research. Keeping abreast of the latest discoveries and trends is crucial to this fast-moving field.

The summer program consists of three modules:

Machine Learning+ Module: for anyone who wants to learn AI from beginning. This module also covers the math prerequisites for learning AI.

Computer Vision Module: for those who wants to do work related to object detection or scene understanding, such as product quality inspection, self-driving vehicles, medical image exam, plant disease detection, etc

Reinforcement Learning Module: for anyone who wants to become an AI professional! Reinforcement Learning is concerned with making optimal decision or optimal control. It a very hot branch in AI now, being used in autonomous machines, resource management, manufacturing optimization, energy conservation, and even computer vision (self-driving vehicles etc.) !    

Each module has hands-on projects.

After completing a module in this program, you will receive a certificate signed by Dr. Thomas Gold, Professor of the University of California Berkeley and Chairman of American Alliance for International Education (AAFIE), demonstrating your commitment and qualifications in AI.


After successful completion of the program, the student will have:

A. Mastered the internationally popular Artificial Intelligence core algorithms, models, and practices;

B. Demonstrated the ability to understand the latest Artificial Intelligence papers;

C. Proven comprehension in the research, development and application of Artificial Intelligence in the central fields of Computer Vision, Self-Driving Vehicles, Robotics, and so on. 

Class Information

Course location: Adobe Connect online video live, interactive classroom.

Access: Students are able to conveniently join the live class from home or office.

Class date and tuition: See the table below.

Class info


Students may choose to enroll in the entire program, or one or more of the three modules.

No payment is required when enrolling in the program or modules (with the "Enroll Now" button) before the first session.

Generally, students make the tuition payments after attending the first session. 

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to the student from the American Alliance for International Education to once accepted into the program. Aid is offered in the form of partial and full scholarships.


Except for the Machine Learning module, students will need to pass an entrance exam prior to enrollment into the program. Students who choose to enroll beginning with Machine Learning will have a chance to learn and/or review basic knowledge in Probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra, and Calculus, which are considered prerequisites for AI.


Frank Zeng: A long term believer of Artificial Intelligence, Frank started to learn and build AI systems when he was in college. A senior engineer since 2000, he is currently the director of the AAFIE Artificial Intelligence Labs, and an adjunct professor of Artificial Intelligence for Huazhong University of Science and Technology.