Introduction to Track F

Track F is for members with basic Machine Learning and Deep Learning knowledge to learn Artificial Intelligence solutions for manufacturing industry. Artificial Intelligence is becoming an enabling technology for smart manufacturing today. In this track, members will learn how to apply AI to the manufacturing process for cost saving, better production efficiency and significantly improved product quality. The objective of the track is to enable members to build sophisticated AI solutions for manufacturing businesses.


The following list of knowledge is required to take this track:

Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Reinforcement Learning
Computer Vision (Desired, but not required)

Main Contents

Members will learn the following knowledge and skills in this track:

Sensor Data Fusion
IoT Networks and Edge Computing
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Reinforcement Learning for Manufacturing
Predictive APIs
AI for Product Development and Design
Generative Design
AI for Robotics and Control
Machine/Vehicular Object Detection/Identification/Avoidance
Robotic Manipulation and Robot Learning
AI for Quality Control
Predictive Maintenance
AI for Manufacturing Process Optimization
Design and Build AI Architecture for Smart Manufacturing
AI Model Deployment and Management in Manufacturing Enterprises
AI Continuous Learning in Manufacturing
Automated Machine Learning for Manufacturing