Introduction to Track E

Track E is for members to learn how to use Artificial Intelligence to solve business problems. Artificial Intelligence for Business is a series of topics about embedding AI methodology into the core of business activities. The track is comprised of the following two main parts:

(1) Foundations of AI

The track will start from introducing the mathematical knowledge necessary to understand Artificial Intelligence (AI), and then cover the major contents of the AI. Members will learn how the most popular algorithms work and how the AI models are trained, without possessing any prior knowledge about AI.

(2) Applications of AI

After members have built the foundation, the track will dive into AI applications in business. Members will learn how to build, deploy, and monitor predictive data flows and AI decision-making process to solve problems like fraud, churn, sales and marketing challenges, supply chain optimization, and much more. Members will identify opportunities in business applications, explore AI algorithms to improve business performance, learn how to think of a business problem from AI perspective, and learn how to take account data and algorithm challenges when building AI solutions. 

The objective of this track is to enable members to use AI to tackle business problems in the real world.



Main Contents

The members will learn the following knowledge and skills:
AI Algorithms for Business Applications
AI for Demand Forecasting
AI for Churn Analytics
AI for Fraud Detection
AI for Sales
AI for Marketing
AI for Customer Relationship Management
Smart Supply Chain Management
Enterprise AI Best Practices
Case Studies
Building a Scalable Enterprise AI Architecture
AI Model Deployment and Management in Business Applications
AI Continuous Learning in Business Applications
Automated Machine Learning for Business Applications