SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson (SCPS)

The SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson program is ideal sales certification for professionals who are employed as a sales representatives, account managers, distributor representatives and business development personnel.

To be a certified SMEI Sales Professional Sales Person 

      Submit Application to SMEI;

      Pass exam;

      Have completed or complete a minimum of 1 year's experience in a sales or marketing position within 3 years of course completion;

      Employed in a sales or marketing position at time of submission of work experience details;

      Provide current employment information;

      20 Hours of continuous education before certification from SMEI.

In this program, you willlearn how to:

  • Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate strategic sales plans;
  • Forecast market demand and develop sales budget;
  • Select, manage and motivate an effective sales force;
  • Develop and implement a marketing plan.
Course Outline

I. Foundation Skills

  1. Segmentation
  2. Differentiation & Positioning
  3. Self Knowledge/Professionalism
  4. Product/Company Knowledge
  5. Communication/Listening Skills

II. Planning

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Forecasting
  3. Understanding Motives and Needs
  4. Decision Influencers
  5. Features/Benefits Preparation

III. Executing

  1. Qualifying Prospects
  2. Negotiations
  3. Overcoming Objections
  4. Closing
  5. CRM

IV. Ethics