Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)


Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) requires at least five years of experience in IS auditing, control, or security in addition to passing an exam that is only offered three times per year. It is a globally recognized certification in the field of audit, control and security of information systems.

The exam is four hours in length, consists of 200 multiple choice questions and uses the format of one correct answer per question. The scoring is weighted depending on an predetermined value for each question with a passing score of 450 points and a 800 point score as the maximum. Some questions are purely for statistical purposes and do not affect the candidates score.

To acquire the certificate, the candidates must also pass the following requirements:

  • The candidate must be provide evidence of at least five years of professional experience. Related work experience or relevant higher education programs can provide credit against this.
  • The candidate has to comply with the auditing standards of ISACA in the exercise of audits and adhere to the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics.
  • After obtaining the CISA certification 20 hours of training must be documented per year and at least 120 in a three-year period to retain certification.

Course Outline

The CISA program we offer will go through the CISA Review manual in the following 5 Domains:

Domain 1 — The Process of Auditing Information Systems
Domain 2 — Governance and Management of IT
Domain 3 — Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation
Domain 4 — Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support
Domain 5 — Protection of Information Assets